Our Authentication Process

1We've been around, over 50 years in fact.

Authenticating name brand jewellery and handbags is a mix of experience and science. We have experts on staff who have seen hundreds if not thousands of items over the years which makes distinguishing the fakes from the real deal fast and accurate.

2This isn't Sci-Fi. We're using Artificial Intelligence.

We use a special proprietary technology invented by a company called Entrupy, it was created by a team with 8 Degrees (including 2 Ph.Ds), decades of work experience, 4 patents, and thousands of hours of research and testing. They have built complex detection algorithms into Entrupy, that allows us to analyze various materials ranging from canvas and leather to metal and wood.

3It's smarter than us.

Entrupy takes microscopic photographs of different areas of an item and runs them through a computer that uses proprietary algorithms Authentication accuracy of over 99.1% and is steadily increasing.

4We double authenticate every item.

In addition to our team of experts, for name brand jewellery we use XRF technology, which analyzes the jewellery and gives us detailed information on its material composition, Brands like Tiffany and Cartier use specific mixtures of precious metals and this technology allows us to compare and analyze those mixtures to pick out even the most impressive AAA grade fakes/replicas.